Universal 12X Zoom Optical Clip Mobile Phone Telescope Camera Lens For Cellphone

  • $20.45

Color: Black
Magnification: 12X
Field of view: 70
Objective Lens diameter: 20 mm / 0.79 in
Lens size: 30 x 75 mm / 1.18 x 2.95 in
Compatibility: Universal phones
Material: Plastic

Usage instructions:
1. Connect the lens with the clip.
2. Make sure the clip connect center is consistent with phone's camera center.
3. Turn on the phone camera, to see whether it shows full screen view, if not, to make sure lens center and camera center are in one line and then you can get clear photos.
4. If the camera of the phone cannot take a clear image, you may manually fine-tune the focus by adjusting the focal ring which is located in the portion of the lens. For long distance focus, turn the ring clockwise until the image is sharp and clear. For close focus, turn the ring anti-clockwise until the image is sharp and clear.

Package included:
1 x Telescope Lens